INIFD Bandra is one of the best fashion institutes in India. I have been part of this institute for nearly 2 years and my experience was just amazing . The management and the faculty is very supportive and genuinely cares for the students, many opportunities are given and student gets exposure from extra curricular activities as well. Many fashion shows and events happen during the academic year.One of the most genuine institutes and one of its kind.Its my pleasure being part of this institute

Gaurav Lahim

INIFD Bandra is one of the best fashion institute where a student can truly grow and experience the industry firsthand. The Director and faculties have always put their students above everything , working endlessly to provide them with the best opportunities available. Students here are respected and welcomed wholeheartedly irrespective of their background. INIFD Bandra has by far been one of my best experiences and anyone looking for a good fashion course should definitely reach out directly.

Angel Swamy

INIFD Bandra is an institute where they will welcome you with so much love.The faculty members are so helpful when you need their help. They respect each other and Help. The management is also very helpful and keep asking how is it going and etc.They give platforms to achieve your dreams. It’s a super institute for fashion and interior designing.The faculty will make you comfortable and confident as well.Its my pleasure to be part of it.

Shivangi Sojitra

INIFD BANDRA is honestly the best institute. Not only academically but in every aspect, the faculty and directors put their student’s well being before anything. The opportunities that student get are commendable. In my View I haven’t seen a better institution.

Pooja Verma

INIFD BANDRA is honestly the best institute. Not only academically but in every aspect, the faculty and directors put their student’s well being before anything. Even in the lockdown period they've done each and every possible way to educate the students...

Bansal Sharma

Blessed to b a part of INIFD Bandra. Students are respected and welcomed wholeheartedly irrespective of their background or time, global ups and downs always like family. Facilities and management always bring d best out of us ready to help day or night, then and now. INIFD Bandra has by far been one of my best experiences from d day I joined to many ahead.....
From learning,creating, teaching, exploring,communicating,etc....

Nazmin Khan

INIFD BANDRA is one of the best institutes. Not only academically but in every aspect, the management are very supportive and helpful and the opportunities that they have given to the students are phenomenal... Proud to be INIFDian......

Abhilasha Kamdi

INIFD Bandra is an amazing college to enhance our creativity with excellent staff and facilities. I'm proud to be a student at INIFD Bandra....

Riddhima Pardal

The time in INIFD Bandra has been spectacular. My opportunity to study in INIFD Bandra gave me the hands-on experience I needed to move forward in the field of Fashion. The teachers have not only taught me everything I need to know but they also lead me in the right direction to improve my skills. Thank you to all my teachers and mentors.

Zalak Gosar

INIFD Bandra is the best Institute for creative people who want to explore their natural vision for fashion ...I'm feeling very, very proud to be a part of INIFD. All the staff members are very brilliant & I feel really inspired by all..

Kashyap Shah

INIFD Bandra has provided me with a platform where I can share my ideas and personal views about fashion...I am able to come up with different creative ideas which I am able to showcase with the help of my faculty...The encouragement by the faculty has given me the boost to get better with each passing day..Every single day I learn new things... I am sure I will be unique one day when I step out from INIFD.

Garima Mandelia

Talking about INIFD Bandra personally, from day one, it has always been a fun place to study in. Days are made interesting as we have dress themes on every Wednesday, workshops, guest lectures and most of the festivals are celebrated too. .And most of all getting an opportunity to work for Lakme Fashion Week by being a part of the Implementation team is a really big deal.
I think overall INIFD Bandra is getting better day by day and I’m glad I’m studying in this institute.

Ashana Siddannavar

INIFD Bandra helped me get better opportunities to learn.. . .the staff is very helpful in my studies. .the faculty and the staff of the college are incredibly friendly...they are very eager to help even when they are not specifically involved in whatever it is that we are working on..faculty is genuinely interested in sharing their expertise with the students...the best part is every subject is thoroughly explained and useful techniques are given and taught together with friendly teaching and it is so inspiring..

Shalu Rajput

The College has great faculties with a vast knowledge base..You can explore your skills in various areas in fashion designing, sewing techniques, illustration and faculties are there to help each step..The college is located in the heart of Bandra with great vibe...I highly recommend this college

Michi Tanaka

The college has given many opportunities to turn ourselves into better future designers and to experience things  which was not possible without the support of the college.
The teachers are excellent; they give us the best knowledge and the dedication they give towards students is immense. They remove time for us even after the college hours. I am happy to be a part of student council; they try to make us independent and the new skills we learn are important indeed! The college is really very beautiful. I am obliged to be a part of INIFD BANDRA.

Drishti Gosar

Its been one and half years in INIFD Bandra....I remember the first day we came for our workshop...let me tell you, I was very nervous but then it didn’t take me long in this environment to make friends...and teachers became’s not about me celebrating Halloween and looking different but celebrating every festival like a family....INIFD Bandra is like a family…INIFD is a platform where I can prove myself and become a renowned fashion designer...

Lavina Kawedia

Being in INIFD Bandra has helped me to gain a wide range of skills in designing. The opportunities provided by the institute were great.  Vivek sir and Disha maam always offered extra support and  encouraged to excel.  I enjoyed the classroom environment and the excellent faculties made studies more enjoyable. The things that helped me achieve was primarily the dedication of teachers who went out of  their way to provide outstanding support. I have also benefitted from the number of trips offered. The best thing was to be a part of student council as it helped improved my confidence and also my  organizational skills .
Proud to be a part of INIFD Bandra

Jayshree Nanda